7 facts regarding the MQ9B predator drone contract with India

7 facts regarding the MQ9B predator drone contract with India

As even China lacks a high-altitude, long-lasting drone, every attempt will be made to torpedo the agreement.

According to sources in the defence ministry, India is prepared to negotiate with the US on the purchase of MQ9B HALE drones. New Delhi is looking for a competitive bargain in procurement through a foreign military sale procedure.

These are seven things to know about this transaction as India moves through with purchasing Predator drones.

1. According to sources, the ministry has merely approved the acquisition of 31 MQ 9B HALE drones on the basis of need; no substantive discussions have yet started.

2. These drones are now exclusive to the United States. China has been attempting to buy it, but has been unsuccessful. These drones will provide India additional capabilities once they are acquired. According to further sources, the nation's enemies are concerned and may try to thwart the purchase process.

3. Obtaining the Letter of Offer and Acceptance from the US government and writing a letter of request to the Biden administration are the next steps in the procedure. The US government will issue this letter upon US Congress approval.

4. The Contract Negotiation Committee (CNS) will then complete the provisions of the agreement before submitting it for Cabinet Committee for Security approval (CCS). The full cost and conditions of the deal won't be disclosed until that point, the sources stated.

5. India has been offered 31 MQ9B drones by US defense company General Atomic for a price of $ 3.072 billion, subject to negotiation. They will be produced in India in some cases and purchased off the shelf in others.

6. According to sources, the recommendation from Integrated Defence Services and the basis for the procurement of 31 drones for the three Services is a scientific analysis of India's needs and requirements while taking into account the geographical and nautical surroundings.

7. There will be some technology transfer involved in the purchase (ToT). New Delhi is aiming for a ToT of at least 15% to 20%. Further negotiations will take place, and the government will obtain certain crucial technology. The sources claimed that as the Defense Research Development Organization (DRDO) is creating Tapas, a drone in the MALE category, the procurement is not against "Aatmanirbhar Bharat." A drone with a high endurance and altitude capability is the MQ9B. According to insiders, this partnership would support India's development as a drone manufacturing powerhouse.

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