Clashes break out at the Nahel march in France as cops shoot live

Clashes break out at the Nahel march in France as cops shoot live

 The death of a 17-year-old in a Paris suburb has sparked protests and renewed complaints of police violence and systemic racism in France.

 - Activists argue that the issue goes beyond individual officers and stems from a problem of systemic violence within the police force. - There has been an increase in police murders in recent years, with a higher number occurring under the Macron regime. - The majority of victims of fatal shootings during traffic stops in France since 2017 were Black or of Arab origin. - Police fired tear gas at peaceful marchers in Nanterre, a Paris suburb, where a teenager was killed by police. - Some protesters turned violent, smashing buildings and lighting fires. - Many believe the police mishandled the protest and escalated the situation unnecessarily. - Neighbors of the victim describe him as a kind young man who should not have been shot over a traffic violation. - People are demanding justice for the teenager and criticizing the police's actions.

- Cars were set ablaze during a march in Nanterre, a Paris suburb, in tribute to Nahel, a teenager killed by a French police officer. - French police fired tear gas at protesters during the march, as some protesters threw projectiles at the police. - The incident occurred when Nahel was shot at point-blank range by an officer during a traffic stop. - President Macron appealed for calm in response to the situation. - French President Emmanuel Macron calls for calm after protests over the killing of a teenager by police in a Paris suburb. - Large crowds join a march in Nanterre demanding justice for the killed teen. - French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin reports 180 arrests during a second night of unrest across the country. - Participants at the Nanterre march criticize police impunity and demand judicial action. - Protesters gather in Nanterre, a Paris suburb, to pay tribute to Nahel, a 17-year-old teenager who was killed by a French police officer during a traffic stop. - A banner with the words "Rest in peace, Nahel" is displayed by the protesters during the march. - The incident has sparked outrage and prompted demonstrations against police violence. - The protest highlights the ongoing concerns and tensions surrounding police practices in France.

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